Tours at McGuffey

The Basics:

McGuffey Art Center invites area organizations and schools who are interested in learning more about the process of creating art to participate in free tours. Each tour is unique in that groups plan scheduled visits to meet three specific artists in their studios. Tours are set up for 1 1/4 hours of time, as each artist is visited in rotation. Tour groups are split into three subgroups so a minimum of three chaperones are required for children groups. We appreciate two weeks lead time to organize and schedule artists. We look forward to seeing you tour McGuffey! Use the “Request a Tour” button below to start the process:

A Special Note for Teachers:

McGuffey Art Center is lucky to have a diverse group of renting member artists who work in a variety of media and with a variety of subject matter. Some art work may involve nudes. Some art work may be controversial or otherwise thought provoking. Here are a few brief talking points that teachers might like to use with younger students when approaching those unavoidable nudes or other controversial art outside at McGuffey or elsewhere.

  1. What is an artist’s job? To make something beautiful? Sometimes. But sometimes they make things that make you feel angry, happy, or even uncomfortable. You might see something that makes you smile, frown, or even want to laugh today.

  2. The human body isn’t gross or wrong. Clothes help us tell what kind of person we might be looking at, like a crown on a king, or a coat on someone cold. When artists use nude people in their art, they sometimes want us to think about all people or bigger ideas.

  3. It is okay to look! It is even okay to feel like you might want to point or giggle. However, to become strong art appreciators, it is important to know that even though we might feel this way, we can control our actions so that we don’t ruin the experience for others.

  4. It is okay to talk with your parents about it. In fact you should! You might learn together about art, or have a conversation about how we should react when we see things outside of our everyday experiences.