Rental FAQ's


How much does it cost to rent McGuffey Art Center?

The rental fee is $1,650 which includes space, supplies, Liaison and Parking Attendant.  A Rental Team member will be in association with you during the weeks and days prior to your event, and will be in attendance on your event day through setup and beginning hour.

The Liaison will be in attendance from the time the building is closed to the public until one hour past the scheduled end of your event.  As your event proceeds, the Liaison will represent McGuffey Art Center, perhaps make art sales, assist your group in all problem-solving, and oversee the final space clean-up by your caterers and crew.


What is the rental cost for non-profit organizations?

Non-profits are eligible for a discounted rental fee of ½ of $1650 or $825.  All above-mentioned services are included.


How much parking is available?

There is a small lot behind McGuffey with 27 spaces. Using signage, the lot is reserved for your use during the event.  A parking lot attendant will be present for 2.5 hours prior to the beginning of your event.  The parking lot attendant will ensure that McGuffey members move their cars in a timely manner, and will prevent community people from randomly parking in the lot on the date of your event.

Am I renting the whole building? 

No, you may not rent studio spaces. The rental fee for McGuffey includes use of the gallery spaces, including the Sara B. Smith Gallery and Lower hallway gallery spaces, the private parking lot, and the Starnes Classroom for the caterers. If you wish to rent the upper hallway gallery spaces, there is an additional rental fee of $500. 


Can I rent just a portion of the building?

Yes, partial rentals may be negotiated depending on the specific needs of your event. 


What is the maximum capacity for the McGuffey rental space?

200 people, although we firmly suggest a lesser number for sit-down meals.  Your caterers and our Rentals Committee members will work together to organize the best sit-down options for your event.


Do I need a liquor license?

YES, if your event is broadly advertised and open to the public (i.e., an auction).
NO, if it is private party with invitations, closed to the public.  


How late in the evening can my event last?

The building closes at midnight, and the rental event must end by that time. However, if you have amplified music, the music must end by 11PM. 


May I use the tables and chairs in the classroom?

McGuffey has 6 white plastic folding tables (36” x 84”) and two heavy Formica tables (36” x 84”) which you may use.  Some of these will likely be used by your caterer to prep the food in the classroom.  
You may rent nice tables and chairs along with tablecloths, glasses, dishes, coatracks, etc., from a rental company such as Festive Fare.  We then coordinate the delivery and pickup of the items, and the caterers make the plan.

McGuffey has 20-30 folding chairs stored in the Starnes Classroom which you may use and must be returned to the Starnes Classroom after your event.


How many tables and chairs can fit in the gallery?

It depends on the size and shape of the table.  We will be pleased to talk with you about possibilities.


Do I need to hire a specific caterer?

No, McGuffey will work with any caterer.  There are many local caterers that have done many events at McGuffey.  The caterers usually set up and dress the tables for events.  At the end of your event, the caterers or your crew must break down and store the tables, remove their equipment and supplies, sweep and mop the floors, and empty all trash.


Does McGuffey have a kitchen?

No.  We have a large classroom available that caterers use for events.  We do not have ovens or appliances.  We have had caterers on occasion bring outdoor grills or a portable oven.  The classroom has a sink and an elevator directly from McGuffey’s private parking lot for easy delivery.


What are the reservation requirements?  How soon is my date confirmed?

During a tour of the building, if you are very interested in a date, we will pencil in your name on the master calendar.  The date is not confirmed as reserved until you pay a non-refundable $500 deposit.


What kinds of events have been held at McGuffey?

We have hosted just about everything, including a memorial service. We have had many wedding receptions and some wedding ceremonies, rehearsal dinners, corporate events, nonprofit events, auctions, birthday parties, engagement parties, and more.  
We are artists willing to try many types of events.  Our goal is to share our wonderful building with the public and help our guests have worry-free events that they will remember forever.


May I schedule a time to look at the space?

We love to give personal tours at McGuffey and request that you email A member of the rental team will contact you to discuss your event and to schedule a tour of the facility.