McGuffey Publicity Request Form

Please use this form to let the McGuffey Publicity Committee know about events, shows, and any thing about McGuffey or a McGuffey artist that you think the greater community should know. Information submitted here may be funneled to create print flyers, used on the website, and/or used on social media.

Send 1-3 images per request to help the publicity committee let the community know about your request. Send images to Each image should be about 1MB in size and should follow the naming format below. Use the image field in the form so we can match your email to this request.

[Artist name and title of work] [date] [location] [photographer].jpg

If you have any questions or need help sending images please see someone on the publicity committee.

Turn around time
We are operating on an approximate 2 week turn around time from the time we receive the request.

About your request
SHOWS - use this category to let us know about shows outside of McGuffey by a resident or associate member. EVENTS - let us know about specific events happening at McGuffey or related to a McGuffey artist. HUMAN INTEREST - let us know an interesting story about a member of the McGuffey community that you think we should publicize to the greater Charlottesville community. COMMITTEE REQUEST - for committees to request publicity not included in the categories above.
This is the copy that will be used in print flyers, on the web, and/or social media. Publicity may contact you if the text is too long. Remember, less is more for flyers
Would you like live social media coverage at your event?
If you click yes, someone from the social media team will be in touch to coordinate.
When does your event start and stop.
Where is your event taking place?
Is there anything you'd like to us know about when publicizing your request?
Please use the following format to email us images [Artist name and title of work] [date] [location] [photographer]