EXHIBIT DATES: June 4th to June 30th



Fluid Transformations: Scott F. Smith


Scott Smith’s photographic imagery explores the intersection between abstraction and the observed world. The photographs pay homage to materiality and the ephemeral nature of light.

To Bring Forth: the incubator show

Come see the culmination of work from the 6 chosen incubator artists for the 2018-2019 residency in our Downstairs Gallery. The 2018-2019 residents include: Jennifer Billingsly, Sahara Clemons, Sri Kodakalla, Rayne Marie MacPhee, Miranda Elliott Rader, Frankie Szynskie, and Stephanie Watson. The show will feature a variety of mediums: papermaking and bookbinding, painting, shadow puppetry, digital art, nature sculptural works, and avant-garde wearable art.

The Incubator studio began in 2014 as a way to bring in newer artists who need inexpensive studio space. Our goal is to promote the progress of 6 emerging artists who are not ready to apply for membership but want to learn the discipline of a studio practice. The members of McGuffey act as mentors and help them learn skills needed to be a professional artist. Workshops and field trips are available throughout the year to help the residents broaden their scope of exposure. Artists are able to gain skills in the operation of McGuffey Art Center through committee duties and maintain at least 10 studio hours a week while developing a body of work for a gallery exhibition the following spring. Applications are accepted in April for the coming year.

Women’s Work

The Upstairs Hallway will feature the second open-themed group show of the Feminist Union of Cville Creatives (FUCC), entitled "Women's Work." This exhibition will feature art in various mediums and showcase a variety of perspectives and modes of work. Featured artists include: 
Candice Agnello
Cynthia Burke
Nina Frances Burke
Lindsay Heider Diamond
Brielle Miel DuFlon
Ashley Gill
Sam Gray
Laura Lee Gulledge
Dawn Hanson
Sri Kodakalla
Paula Lam
Annie Layne
Ramona Martinez
Ann Ray
Madeleine Rhondeau
Jean R. Sampson
Delu Stricker
Abigail Wilson
featuring a performance by Miranda Elliott Rader

Robin Harris