October 2017 Exhibitions

Les demoiselles, Drawings by Bob Anderson

The show takes its title from Picasso's first cubist painting, Les demoiselles d'Avignon, completed in 1907. The focus of the show will be 17 large, highly detailed and complex drawings, some of which took up to four months to complete. Several smaller sketches and photographs will also be included.  Join Bob Anderson for an artist talk on Sunday, October 15th, from 2-3 in our Sarah B. Smith Gallery. 


ALL RISE:  The Artist's Voice in Contemporary Activism

The All Rise group show explores the role of the artist in intersectional activism, from multiple perspectives and media. Participating artists work with sculpture, installation, performance, painting, and ceramics on integrated themes of community organizing, racial justice, anti-war, homelessness, environmentalism, feminism, and LGBTQIA advocacy.

Nina Frances Burke, Andy Foster, Brielle DuFlon, Christopher Headings, A. Faith, Veronica Fitzhugh, Adrienne Dent, Sam Gray, L. Michelle Geiger, Charles Peale, Guillermo Ubilla, S.h. Wolf


Innisfree Village

Innisfree Village is a lifesharing community with adults with disabilities. The pieces in this show reflect some of the 3-D work the artists have been working on and demonstrate various artist’s sewing skills, as well as the intense amount of work that goes into each artwork from start to finish.

girl with pearl earring.jpeg


Nina Burke