Frederic A. Crist
Pipe Works and Other Ramblings

Fred Crist takes industrial materials and forges them thus transforming the materials into sculptural forms with heat and compression.  In the Sarah B. Smith Gallery.


Etta Harmon Levin
Cosmic Continued…Part 2

This is Etta Harmon Levin’s imaginary journey into the cosmic world. It’s a jourey that goes from microscopic in size to as far as the mind can travel.  In the Lower Hall North Gallery.


Charlene Cross
Worlds Colliding

The work in this show explores new dimensions both in physical space as well as conceptually conceived work.  In the Lower Hall North Gallery


Charles Peale
Recent Collages

This show of recent collages consists of new work featuring both a series of collages and stand alone works referencing pop culture and 1950’s advertising.   In the Lower Hall South Gallery.

image 4 charles peale.jpeg

UVA Sculpture Community
Off The Wall

Recent sculptures by the members of the UVA Sculpture community in all sculpture media curated by William Bennett, Associate Professor of Sculpture at the University of Virginia.  In The Upper Hall Galleries.

image 5 edward miller.jpeg
Nina Burke