Incubator Studi0

The Incubator studio began in 2014 as a way to bring in newer artists who need inexpensive studio space. Our goal is to promote the progress of 6 emerging artists who are not ready to apply for membership but want to learn the discipline of a studio practice. The members of McGuffey act as mentors and help them learn skills needed to FUNCTION As professional artistS. Workshops and field trips are available throughout the year to help the residents broaden their scope of exposure. Artists are able to gain skills in the operation of McGuffey Art Center through committee duties and maintain at least 10 studio hours a week while developing a body of work for a gallery exhibition the following spring. Applications are accepted in April for the coming year.

2019-2020 Incubator Residents:

Hannah Thomas Clarke

Piers Gelly

David Joo

Logan McConaughy

Lisa Philipps

Abigail Wilson


2018–2019 Former Incubator residents:

Jennifer Billingsly

Sahara Clemons

Sri Kodakalla

Rayne MacPhee

Frankie Szynskie

Miranda Elliott–Rader

Stephanie Catherine Watson