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First Friday - April Exhibits Opening Reception

Blake Hurt: Albemarle in Winter

Watercolor images of Albemarle County in winter.


Polly Breckenridge: Under Pressure

This new work is the culmination of 8 months experimenting with a monotype printmaking process using wet media acetate and water based pigments to explore composition and narrative. Dozens of hand cut shapes and figures used to create the prints on exhibition will also be included for viewers to interact with.


a. Faith: “Untitled”

The works in this show are an offering of witness, compassion, and protection for all those who suffer in the world. For myself, the act of making brings temporary relief. Materials like
fish hooks, barbed wire, thorns ,and cages, speak to the cruelty and injustice that seemingly and have no end. My art helps me work through my feelings of rage and hopelessness.


Group Show: P!NK

A group show of 14 artists exploring how P!NK is relevant to their work. Featuring work by artists: Carol Barber, Fenella Belle, Nina Frances Burke, Daniella Chadwick, Lizzie Dudley, Stacey Evans, Eileen French, Lou Haney, Sally Ingram, Susan Northington, Samantha Pagni, Jeannine Regan, Maddie Rhondeau, and Sharon Shapiro.

Susan Northington

Susan Northington


Associate Members Group Show: H2O

H2O The Associate Member Gallery is showing work involving water in all its forms, from puddles to oceans, clouds, rain, snow.

Susan Brodie, “Headwaters” acrylic on canvas, 16” x 16".

Susan Brodie, “Headwaters” acrylic on canvas, 16” x 16".

Earlier Event: March 23
The Power of Graphic Novels