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Bill Mauzy's Small Graces, Batten Institute at Darden School, UVA

Join McGuffey Associate Member Bill Mauzy at the opening reception for his show Small Graces.   Bill Mauzy will present an exhibition opening featuring images created in and around the pavilion gardens at UVA over a five year period. The black and white black images shed new light on familiar spaces.

Mauzy Bill Darden October 2018.jpg

Inspired by a 2011 experience with Sally Mann's landscape images of the South, Mauzy began photographing the pavilion gardens in 2013. The images focus on the garden's daily and seasonal moods, details, and unique spaces.

Mauzy says, “The images presented in Small Graces are as much portraits of certain emotional states--enabled when the eye, mind, and heart converge with favorable environmental qualities-- as they are images of physical spaces and events. Small graces which combine to form a sort of mental topography.”

Mauzy says, “I hope that the images I create might inspire those who spend time with them to experience the landscapes they inhabit with renewed interest and passion. However, my goal in sharing these images is simply to whisper 'consider this'.”