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Dance Performance on the Mall - Excerpt of Pina Bausch's Nelkin Line

On Saturday March 24th 2018, a group of about 15 Charlottesville dancers will perform an excerpt from German modern dance choreographer Pina Bausch's, Nelkin Line on the Downtown Mall (in front of the Violet Crown Theate). This is an ongoing project for the Pina Bausch Legacy Foundation (Pina died in 2009 at the age of 69) which has been performed around the world in the last year.



The largest Nelkin Line so far has been in Dublin, Ireland with hundreds of dancers. The performance venues have varied from swimming pools to fields, to large festivals.   proceeding on the mall from the west end at 2nd street, to the Pavillion. Much of Pina's work involves repetition and is often distilled into the most essential movement or gestures. This piece is no different. We will learn her gestures for the 4 seasons; it is performed in a moving line (another characteristic of her work), and will be a pattern of gestures.