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Judy McLeod Retrospective: Current Works 2015-Present at Les Yeux du Monde Gallery

Opening Reception Saturday, February 17, 3-5 pm, Les Yeux du Monde Gallery

This exhibition represents the impressive career of artist Judy McLeod. As one of the early members of the artist-run McGuffey Art Center (established in 1975), McLeod has maintained an open studio in the historic building for more than four decades. This three-site project features 73 works created from 1980 to the present, grouped into narrative themes that speak to McLeod's vision as well as her continued explorations of feminism, the idea of "women's work," water and the natural world, and diversity as it intersects with the female experience.


Trained as a printmaker at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, McLeod's early works encompass drawing, silkscreen, etching, and lithography, where the artist experiments with color layering and patterning as ways to enhance her personal/universal narratives. Later, a number of series focus on the figure in pastel, and, most recently, world culture-based content in mixed-media collages and collage paintings. In the end, each piece on view, be it at Piedmont Virginia Community College, Les Yeux du Monde gallery, or at McGuffey, is imbued with a sense of energy, empowerment, and humanity, balancing McLeod's personal stories with memories and the emotions all humans share.