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Dia De Los Muertos/Day of the Dead Festival

A Celebration of Our Ancestors and Loved Ones Who Have Passed On

Free and open to the public, All are welcome, including little ones— there is nothing scary about this celebration, only love and beauty. This is an inclusive, secular event.


What is Dia De Los Muertos/Day of the dead? It is as simple or deep as you would like to make it, but what it boils down to is that it is a beautiful Mexican tradition where we celebrate and honor the lives of our ancestors and loved ones who have passed on. We do this by creating an offering table (Ofrenda) were we place Flowers, Photos, Poems/letters, creations, things that represent what you loved about them and that they loved in life. You are welcome to honor anyone who has passed on. Be creative, make it as artful as you’d like. Participate by being in your studio, making an offering to the main Ofrenda or by making one at home and keeping it personal. It’s up to you.

When you arrive, we will meet on the McGuffey front lawn for some live music, (Hopefully we will have Taqueria Mi Ranchito food truck to provide food again this year). Each person/family will be provided with a luminary bag to decorate for the Ofrenda. We will then have a procession to the community ofrenda where you may place your offerings for your loved ones and ancestors. Feel free to decorate your faces and dress up (youtube Dia De Los Muertos and see what pops up)! If you wish to make an offering but cannot make it to the community celebration, please feel free to drop it off at the McGuffey front desk during open hours (For: Estela Knott) any time between Oct. 31st and Nov. 3rd.

Memorial Altar will be accessable October 31st through November 3rd.