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Workshop with Cri Kars-Marshall: Mycelium * An Organism for Art

As a follow-up to the June “Wax, Fire & Fungi” show at McGuffey Art Center, artist Cri Kars-Marshall and mycologist Mark Jones offer a hands-on art workshop using fungal mycelium as the medium. Learn how to grow and form living mushroom mycelium into art. Make and take your own mycelium creations home to grow and finish.

We’ll begin with an overview of mushroom biology and discuss the artistic uses and structural ability of selected mushroom varieties grown on mixed sawdust substrates. Cri will discuss and demonstrate how mycelium could augment—or replace—current materials used for art: e.g., ceramics, leather, wood, even painters’ canvas. These remarkable fungal threads can also provide inspiration for graphic artists, sculptors and photographers.

Join us for an interactive presentation by Cri Kars-Marshall, McGuffey artist, and Mark Jones, mycologist and owner of Sharondale Mushroom Farm, Keswick.  Limit 25 participants.   Cost:  $85.00  Register early (by August 31st) to save $10.


* Mycelium is the body of a fungus