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FLOW: The Rivanna River Art Festival

Join McGuffey Art Center, our Member Artists, and the local arts community!  FLOW is a celebration of art, music, song, and dance inspired by the Rivanna River.   Presented by the Rivanna Conservation Alliance and Chroma Projects in collaboration with Albemarle County and the City of Charlottesville. Our sponsors include Stony Point Builders, Flow Auto, T&N Printing, Rivanna River Company, Roger Voisinet, Kevin & Holly Davis, Robin Hanes and Susan Allison

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Our rivers flow on, marking time, witnesses to all visitors to their banks - the bathers, laundresses and fishermen, the merchants, traders and explorers; the courtships, vows, and broken hearts; the baptismal candidates, poets and painters; the injustices and tragedies. The river moves forward throughout our human history, with constancy: cleansing, inspiring and promising possibility.    

FLOWtilla Decorated Boat Parade – launches the event at  Darden Towe Park Launch
Concludes at Riverview Park with regular shuttles back by the Rivanna River Company

FLOW Musical Performances  along the County banks at Darden Towe – 11:00 –3:00:
Terri Allard, Susan Christmas & Eric Demmit, Michael Clem, Front Porch Musicians and students, Annabeth McNamara, Chapman Grove Gospel Singers, Robert Jospe, Gina Sobel

FLOW Dance Performance Groups  along the County banks – 11:00 – 3:00:
Katherine Birdsall, Lillie Chihamba, Dorisse, Some’ Louis, Anne Megibow 

Rivertrees: Hands-On Flag-Printing Workshop with Fenella Belle, Polly Breckenridge, and McGuffey Art Center Artists - 11:00 -3:00:  
This workshop will offer an opportunity for visitors to create hand-printed designs on flags, that will then be installed as a banner in trees overlooking the Rivanna.  The resulting work will complement the collaborative flag piece created by McGuffey artist members, which will be installed across the Rivanna to the left of the Darden Towe boat ramp. Both works will represent McGuffey on this day of art inspired by nature and the Rivanna.

FLOW Installation Artists  along the County banks – starts at 11:00:
Bill Atwood, Renee Balfour, Michael Bednar,  Nina Frances Burke and Andy Foster, Lily Erb, Sam Gray, Sherrie Hunt, Jum Jirapan, Alan Box Levine, McGuffey Art Center, Deborah McLeod, Ed Miller, Esme’ N’tobe, Jim Respess, Sean Samoheyl, Martha Saunders, Michelle Gagliano & Linda Wachtmeister, and Alexandria Searles & The Lewis & Clark Exploratory Center

FLOW Plein Air Painters  along the City Banks at Riverview Park – starts at 11:00:
Ray Berry, Richard Crozier, Gray Dodson, Jennifer Esser, Giselle Gantreau, Michelle Geiger, Robin Hoffman, Nancy Wallace, Meg West, Laura Edwards Wooten

Earlier Event: September 21
Later Event: October 6
October Exhibits Opening Reception