Associate Artists

Our membership includes over 100 Associate Artists who work off-site, yet make up an integral part of our community.  Their vital participation stimulates a diverse and creative culture at McGuffey - they exhibit in the shop and galleries, teach in our classrooms, attend Association meetings, sublet studios, and vote on our new member jury.


Laura Lee Gulledge

J.M. Henry

Salena Gerdes Hitzeman

Orion T. Holen

James Hubin

Sherrie Hunt

Blake Hurt

Jill Jensen

Alp Acar Isin

Dena Jennings

Jean Jones

Roberto Kamide

Cri Kars-Marshall

Kim Kelley-Wagner

Will Kerner

McCrea Snyder Kudravetz

Peggy Lay

Etta Harmon Levin

Miki Liszt

Erica Lohan

Kelly Lonergan

Lisa Macchi

Cat Maguire

Melissa Vera Malone

Bill Mauzy

Zap McConnell

Grey McLean

Julia Merkel

Marcia Mitchell

Marti Mocahbee

Nathan Motley

Michelle Louise Mulligan

Mary Michaela Murray

Hina Naeem

Janet Grahame Nault

Kelly Doyle Oakes

Heather Owens