Upcoming Exhibitions





Emerge:  Ninni Baeckstrom, Scott Smith, Carol Grant in the Sarah B. Smith Gallery

New Members Show, Upper and Lower Hall Galleries



Julia Merkel in the Sarah B. Smith Gallery

Flotsam, group show curated by L. Michelle Geiger,  Lower Hall Galleries.

Alzheimer's Arts Fusion Project, Upper Hall Gallery



Robin Braun, Roberto Kamide, Charlene Cross in the Sarah B. Smith Gallery

Judy McLeod, Lower Hall North Gallery

Dominique Anderson, Lower Hall South Gallery

Sophia Wiedeman and Christopher Headings, Upper Hall Gallery



Eileen French, Sarah B. Smith Gallery

Mary Michaela Murray, Lower Hall North Gallery

Etta Harmon Levin, Lower Hall South Gallery

Nathan Motley, Upper Hall North Gallery

Figure Drawing Group, Upper Hall South Gallery



Renee Balfour, Sarah B. Smith Gallery

Erica Lohan, Lower Hall North Gallery

Lee Alter, Lower Hall South Gallery

Annual High School Show, Upper Hall Gallery



Maryanna Williams, Sarah B. Smith Gallery

Plein Air Projectdrop, Eileen French, Lower Hall Gallery

Refugee Artwork, Susan Patrick, Upper Hall Gallery



Jean Jones and Klaus Anselm, Sarah B. Smith Gallery 

Summer Group Show,  Upper and Lower Hall Galleries

Incubator Studio Group Show, Upper North Hall Gallery