Upcoming Exhibitions





Lauren Doran:  Flora, Fauna, Flesh and Blood in the Sarah B. Smith Gallery

Central Virginia Watercolor Guild, 26th Annual Exhibition, Upper and Lower Hall Galleries



Bob Anderson in the Sarah B. Smith Gallery

All Rise:  The Artist's Voice in Contemporary Activism, Group Show - Nina Frances Burke, Andy Foster, Brielle DuFlon, Christopher Headings, A. Faith, Adrienne Dent, Michelle Geiger, Guillermo Ubilla, Lower Hall Galleries 

VIA/Innisfree, Upper Hall Galleries


Fred  Crist in the Sarah B. Smith Gallery

Etta Harmon Levin, Lower Hall North Gallery

Charles Peale,  Lower Hall South Gallery

UVA Fourth Year Students, Upper Hall Gallery



Holiday Group Show, All Galleries


Fiber, Wood, Clay - Jill Kerttula, Carol Grant, Renee Balfour in the Sarah B. Smith Gallery

New Members Show, Upper and Lower Hall Galleries



Kelly Doyle Oakes, Sarah B. Smith Gallery

Jill Kerttula, Lower Hall South Gallery

Jeff Thruston, Lower Hall North Gallery

Marcia Mitchell, Upper Hall South Gallery



Judy McLeod Retrospective, Sarah B. Smith Gallery 

Jurgen Zeissman, Lower Hall South Gallery

Steven Wolf, Lower Hall North Gallery

Book Arts Group Show, Upper Hall Gallery



Nan Rothwell and Junko Ono Rothwell, Sarah B. Smith Gallery

Cynthia Burke, Lower Hall North Gallery

Scott Supraner, Lower Hall South Gallery

FREE PILE group show curated by Christopher Headings, Upper Hall Gallery


Megan Read, Sarah B. Smith Gallery

Erica Lohan and Lotta Helleberg, Lower Hall North Gallery

Kerney Rhoden, Lower Hall South Gallery

Annual High School Show, Upper Hall Gallery


Giselle Gautreau, Jeannine Regan, Cri Kars-Marshall, and L. Michelle Geiger, Sarah B. Smith Gallery

Nancy and Joshua Galloway, Lower Hall North Gallery

Jane Skafte, Lower Hall South Gallery

Nathan Motley, Upper Hall South Gallery

Aaron Farrington, Upper Hall North Gallery


Sam Gray, Sarah B. Smith Gallery

Summer Group Show, Upper and Lower Hall Gallery

Incubator Group Show, Upper Hall Gallery North