Resin Exploration with Polly Breckenridge

Resin Exploration with Polly Breckenridge


DESCRIPTION: Using a non-toxic epoxy based resin, you will be creating a composition embedded in multiple layers of this fascinating material. Pure explorations of color (the resin can be tinted) or complex narrative, it’s up to you. Images can be collage based, but I will also teach/demo using a material that can accept a variety of media and be layered within the resin. You can draw, paint, place found material…the options are endless, but I will be there to help narrow things down too! From planning to manifestation, you will be provided with everything you need to complete your own work of art.

STUDENTS: Adults, 10 students max

DATES and TIMES:   Thursdays, 6:30-8:30
-Session 1,  March 8th-29th
-Session 2,  April 12th-May 3rd

LOCATION: Studio 22

PAYMENT INFORMATION: $200, all materials and tools included


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