Resin Exploration with Polly Breckenridge

Resin Exploration with Polly Breckenridge


Using a non-toxic epoxy-based resin, you will be creating a composition embedded in multiple layers of this fascinating material.  Pure explorations of color (the resin can be tinted) or complex narrative, its up to you.  Images can be collage-based, but I will also teach/demo using a material that can accept a variety of media and be layered within the resin.  You can draw, paint, place found material...the options are endless, but I will be there to help narrow things down, too!  From planning to manifestation, you will be provided with everything you need to complete your own work of art.


MEETING DATES/TIMES:  Thursday 6:30-8:30, 8 sessions starting September 14th.

LOCATION:  Studio 22, McGuffey Art Center

PAYMENT INFO:  $375 all materials and tools included.  



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