Essentials of Drawing for Kids with Jane Skafte

Essentials of Drawing for Kids with Jane Skafte



INSTRUCTOR: Jane Skafte                                                                                 AGE OF STUDENTS: 8-14                                                                                   DESCRIPTION OF CLASS This class helps to develop skills and imaginative ideas through the investigation of technique and style. Students explore drawing realistically and classically, as well as creatively and abstractly representing what the student visually interprets as art. Students are exposed to many examples that aid in the development of their visual memory, and apply their learning to the goals and objectives of each lesson. Class builds skill, confidence and ability to express personal creative ideas through drawing. Most supplies included in the fee.

DAY AND TIME OF CLASS: Wednesdays 3:45-5:15 

NUMBER OF WEEKS AND/OR BEGINNING AND ENDING DATES:                                             

Session #2, 5 Wednesdays, March 29- April 26. 3:45- 5:15                                                                          

Session #3, 5 Wednesdays, May 3- May 31. 3:45- 5:15                                                                              

LOCATION:Studio 24                                                                                                                                              

COST AND PAYMENT INFORMATION $200 payable to McGuffey Art Center                                                    

CONTACT INFO: 434-589-3283

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