Current Exhibits:

April 4th – April 30th
First Friday Reception: April 7th 5:30 – 7:30PM


Mary Michaela Murray:  

I Stand with Her

Lower North Hall Gallery

Color moves me, and at once, arrests me. To linger, to look, to indulge in the pleasure of humble objects and ordinary scenes of my daily life—this has been my inspiration. 

But there has been a shift. This is not a time to linger. This is a time to engage, to question, to proclaim. 

Liberty, justice, freedom. These are not the birthright of one party, one race, one nation. These are unalienable rights endowed by the Creator. 

Through my paintings I aim to shine a light on the universal philosophies that have mapped the course of cultures throughout history. Around the world stand mighty women, Lady Liberty, Lady Justice, Freedom, honoring the principles held dear by all humanity.



Susan Patrick: Journey Enigma

 Lower Hall South Gallery


My painted landscapes contradict the traveler’s passive experience of ground and sky. He is pushed in and out of the scene. Plants, trees and marks shake, jump and run. These landscapes are impossible. 



Featured in the gift shop this month:  pastels by Nancy Galloway


The Art of the Selfie: Eileen French

in the Sarah B Smith Gallery

This exhibit is based on found images from Social Media exploring the phenomena of self- image and story telling that comes along with the prolific use of smart phones and social media in our lives.


image 2 mary michaela murray.jpg

Etta Harmon Levin: Cosmic

 Lower Hall South Gallery


An exhibit of paintings interpreted and imagined by the artist, inspired by the universe. 


Nathan Motley:  New Work

Upper Hall South Gallery



Sunday Figure Drawing Group Show

Upper Hall North Gallery


Drawings and paintings from McGuffey’s Sunday Figure Drawing Group.