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Ceramics Exploration:  Finding Your Way with Clay with Rebekah Wostrel

AGE OF STUDENTS: Adults and mature teens

Students will learn how to create dinnerware, teapots, and platters using drape molding, slab building, coil construction and other techniques. Students can also use these techniques to make sculptural forms. All projects will be glazed and fired to take home and use.                                                                                             

DATES and TIMES:  Mondays 6-8:30, June 4 - July 9 (6 weeks, $235)

LOCATION: Studio #6       

PAYMENT INFORMATION:  pay by personal check or register online www.rebekahwostrel.com                                 

CONTACT: Rebekah Wostrel, rawostrel@gmail.com, www.rebekahwostrel.com


Jean's Gutsy Abstract Oil Painting Class by Jean Sampson



This is a class about process, about not giving up when a painting is going through an “ugly” stage. After an introduction to color and abstract art, the teacher will help you individually explore color mixing and the other elements of the language of painting. You are encouraged to use a painting knife, but brushes are fine, too. You will learn by doing in this intuitive, non-academic and addictive class. We handle your inner critic, too! Supplies are NOT included.  Please contact instructor prior to class.

DAY AND TIME OF CLASS:  8 Weeks, Monday Evenings 6:00-8:30
Summer Session June 18th to August 6th.  
LOCATION: The Starnes Classroom at McGuffey, #17, First Floor.  New students will meet for the first class introduction in Jean's studio #26B.

PAYMENT:  $225, make checks out to McGuffey Art Center, bring to first class

CONTACT: poeartree@gmail.com (preferred), Home 434-977-7933, www.jeanrsampson.com


Beginning Drawing for Chickens with Jean Sampson



This is a class for non-artists who are scared to take a drawing class or who have been intimidated by a class that went too fast. Given gentle support and instruction by a teacher who also had to learn to draw, anyone can discover his or her “inner artist”. The teacher promises not to hover over you as you draw so you will experience very little ”performance anxiety” while doing the exercises. Limited to 8 students. All supplies are provided!  

DAY AND TIME OF CLASS: Tuesday evenings, 6:15-8:15
Summer Session:  June 19th to August 7th

LOCATION: Jean’s McGuffey studio 26 B

PAYMENT INFORMATION:  Make check payable to McGuffey Art Center, bring to first class.

CONTACT:  poeartree@gmail.com (preferred), Home (434-977-7933, www.jeanrsampson.com



CLASS: Photography: Creating Photo Books

INSTRUCTOR: Stacey Evans

DESCRIPTION: Take photographs stored on your laptop and bring them into the world as a printed book. Our conversation starts with a scale, design, sequence, and narrative. We'll view different types of book examples, cover software options plus have time have in class to begin and edit layouts. Art, family, and travel books are a few ideas. This class pairs nicely with Organize, Edit, Output and Delete!

STUDENTS: Adult + mature teens (maximum 5, minimum 3)

DATES and TIMES: Sunday, June 3 & 10, 2-4PM

LOCATION: Studio 1/2 McGuffey Art Center


CONTACT: stacey@staceyevansphotography.com (434)242-7699



CLASS: Photography: Light, Composition, and Perspective

INSTRUCTOR: Stacey Evans

DESCRIPTION: Notice light and patterns while observing the principles of elements and design in the work of influential photographers. You'll create compositions during in-class and assignment shoots. Bring either digital files or prints to class for critique. Use whatever camera makes you comfortable. This course pairs nicely with Developing a Personal Vision.

STUDENTS: Adult + mature teens (maximum 5, minimum 3)

DATES and TIMES: Tuesday, July 10 - Aug 2, 4-6 PM

LOCATION: Studio 1/2


CONTACT: stacey@staceyevansphotography.com (434)242-7699


CLASS: Photography: Developing a Personal Vision

INSTRUCTOR: Stacey Evans

DESCRIPTION: We’ll begin with the conversation of why people make photographs. Through critique, we establish the strengths in concept and technique of projects. Using hands-on exercises, you’ll get a feel for camera settings and how to approach a subject. An outline of how to further develop your photography practice will be formulated. This class is perfect for anyone wanting to improve their photography from the artist to the family photographer. A camera and prints or digital files are required.

STUDENTS: Adult + mature teens (maximum 5, minimum 3)

DATES and TIMES: Thursday, July 12 - Aug 4, 4-6 PM

LOCATION: Studio 1/2


CONTACT: stacey@staceyevansphotography.com, (434)242-7699


Oil Painting for Adults with Renee Balfour

From $225

The class will explore the versatility of oil paint with an emphasis on materials, technique, and individual style.  Students will develop a better understanding of color and mixing paint.  Each class will begin with a demonstration.


Monday Mornings, 9:30-1:30, Tuition $385
Session 1      Mar 12th - Apr 30th
Session 2     May 7th - Jun 25th

Tuesday Mornings, 9:00-1:00, Tuition $385
Session 1      Mar 13th - May 1st
Session 2     May 8th - Jun 26th

Tuesday Evenings, 6:30-8:30, Tuition $225
Session 1    Mar 13th - May 1st
Session 2     May 8th - Jun 26

Wednesday Evenings, 6:00-9:00, Tuition $300
Session 1     Mar 14th - May 2nd
Session 2    May 9th - Jun 27th

LOCATION:  Studio 22, McGuffey Art Center

CONTACT:  paintwithrenee@gmail.com   434-960-5115


Oil Painting for Children and Teens with Renee Balfour
$ 285.00

DESCRIPTION: Students will explore the versatility of oil paint while learning concepts and techniques. Focus will be on composition and color, color mixing. They will be encouraged to incorporate these techniques into their own work. Students will be guided to greater risks with artistic expression while building a better understanding of materials and technique

STUDENTS: Age 6 to 17


Tuesday Session 1:  March 13 - May 8  4:00 - 6:00
Tuesday Session 2:  May 15 - July 3  4:00 - 6:00
Sunday Session 1:  March 11 - May 6  3:00 - 5:00
Sunday Session 2:  May 13 - July 4  3:00 - 5:00

LOCATION:  Studio 22

PAYMENT INFORMATION: Class cost is $285 All Materials included. For registration and payment information go to: reneebalfour.com

CONTACT: Renee Balfour   paintwithrenee@gmail        434-960-5115. 


Children's Art Class with Lee Alter

DESCRIPTION: working with positive feelings about their unique artistic expression using watercolor, graphite, clay and sand tray work  

STUDENTS: 3 – 12 yrs.               

DATES and TIMES: Tuesdays March `13 - May 15th, 3:30-5:30, Thursdays, March 15 - May 17, 3:30-5:30, Saturdays March 17 - May 19, 2:00-4:00. 

LOCATION:  Studio 6          

PAYMENT INFORMATION:  pay me the first day $350.00         

CONTACT: leealter@mac.com 760-9658

CONTACT: leealter@mac.com 


The Art of Being, Adult Watercolors with Lee Alter

DESCRIPTION: trusting your unique vision through watercolor  
STUDENTS: adults
DATES and TIMES: Wednesdays 10-1pm March 14 - May 16 or Fridays March 16 - May 18                              

LOCATION: McGuffey Art Center, Studio 6          
PAYMENT INFORMATION: Pay instructor the first day of class $450.00 for the semester
CONTACT: leealter@mac.com 760-9658  


Family Music Classes for Children Birth through 5 Years and their adults

INSTRUCTORS: Estela Knott and Dave Berzonsky, Blue Ridge Music Together

Do you LOVE MUSIC?  Check out Blue Ridge Music Together and experience what beautiful music your family can make together. BRMT offers fun, well-researched, non-performance oriented family music classes for children birth to five and their loving adults. 

AGES: Birth to 5 and adults


--Session 1:  March 24 – June 6 (no classes Spring Break March 31 – April 6)

Pease view our full class schedule @ www.blueridgemusictogether.com

LOCATION:  Studio 11, McGuffey Art Center  (view website for classes at other locations in Charlottesville and Crozet) 

COST: $185 (for 10 week session and includes all materials) Sibling fee $95 (siblings 8 months or younger free with registered sibling).

CONTACT: www.blueridgemusictogether.com,
Email: director@blueridgemusictogether.com or call

434-293-6361 for more information or to register for a class.