Members Portal

Welcome to the Members Portal for McGuffey Renting and Associate Members.  Here members will find online forms and links to other useful documents.  With these readily available resources, you will be able to stay better connected to McGuffey, and also fulfill your membership requirements with ease.  If there are other documents or forms you think should be on this page, please contact with your suggestions.  



McGuffey Calendar

Members Gallery Show Request

Deadline for the Members' Gallery Show Request Form is March 15.  The new show schedule will be announced at the April Association meeting.  Remember that December and July are group shows, and that we have developed a number of community shows that take up other gallery space.  We agreed as an Association that community-based shows should comprise no more than 30% (16.5 shows) of our yearly schedule of 55 show slots.  Taking our other commitments into account, the available spaces for individual shows (a total of 28 slots) are: 

September:  Smith Gallery
October:  All Galleries
November:  Smith Gallery and Lower Hall Galleries
January:  Smith Gallery
February:  All Galleries
March:  All Galleries
April:  All Galleries
May:  Smith Gallery and Lower Hall Galleries
July/August:  Smith Gallery



Use of Building or Ground by Members

Complete this Building/Grounds Use by Members application for all public and private events at McGuffey, both during and after public hours.  This includes parties, performances, member-sponsored master classes, workshops, auctions, closing receptions, both inside or outside of the building.


Associate Membership Renewal